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The preparation of cannabis products is done according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.
The production processes are laid down in an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Producing CBD is closely monitored from seed to the CBD.
After that, our products are checked in internal and external laboratories.

As a result, you are always assured of a good quality CBD.

Why CBDnewcare?

  • Natural CBD oil (demonstrably)
  • No THC
  • Legal in the Netherlands
  • Free of pesticides, bacteria fungi or other pathogens
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100% Natural

CBDnewcare provides is collaboration with a network of partners the purest CBD crystals in the world, these crystals are processed in our products. With a purity of 99.5%, we can say that we are the frontrunner in these industries.

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ISO 9001

CBDnewcare meets the international requirements in the field of quality management.

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All CBDnewcare products are produced according to GMP guidelines. This means that you are always assured of a constant quality.

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Through a unique extraction process, CBDnewcare only delivers products that are free of THC. No measurable levels of THC are detected in laboratories. This makes our product particularly safe to use.

CBD Oil : How does it work?

Cbd. You hear more and more about it, but what exactly is it? When talking about CBD or weed oil, it is often associated with drugs and deters it. But in short: CBD stands for “cannabidiol” and is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means that one does not get a high feeling when using it. This is because the CBD is purified from THC. There are oils on the market that do contain THC but are prohibited by law. THC is the substance that makes you feel high.

CBD is a file part extracted from the hemp plant this plant is idealfor the production of CBD because this plant contains almost no THC. Another type of hemp, for example, is the cannabis Sativa. This plant again contains a high thc content and is therefore less suitable for CBD production.

CBD and what’s all that good for? We hope you’ve already won enough information about the facts of cbd oil. We can’t tell you about this because all the positive messages are not medically substantiated and no claims can be made (who knows that is going to change).

Although a lot of research has already been done, the use and effect for every human being is different. One will already succeed with a low dose while the other may benefit more from a higher dose of CBD. This is something one has to experience for yourself. CBD is a safe product provided it meets the quality marks.
Is CBD Oil also suitable for me? It is important that you are well informed about the use. We cannot comment on medical and health claims. CBD Oil is not a medicine but a supplement. If you have a medical question please contact your specialist or general practitioner. We are not authorized to answer medical questions because we do not have a medical background.

It’s important when you start using CBD that you choose a product that you can be sure is pure. Beware of oil you get from a friend or acquaintance.
To produce a pure CBD, a lot of experience and technique is needed. Self-produced oil is often still full of harmful substances such as pesticides and THC. CBDnewcare supplies the purest CBD oil and is therefore safe for humans and animals. Also, this oil is free of THC and you will not get a high feeling when using it.

A recent study on the quality of CBD has recently been carried out by Tros Radar. It has emerged from this that it is always wise to buy a CBD product that has been tested for content and quality. CBD newcare delivers products that are certified and pure.

  • Ik heb 3 weken geleden een flesje van 5% besteld en ik merk wel dat ik me een stuk fitter voel en minder stress heb. Ook slaap ik er erg goed op. Volgende keer ga ik is een 10% proberen.
    Snelle bezorging.


  • Ik ben een maand geleden met CBDnewcare begonnen van 5%. Ik moet je zeggen dat ik me een stuk beter voel ondanks dat ik diabetes 1 heb,echt top spul en een zeer snelle levering ..Echt een aanrader.

    Nathalie P.


Have you become curious what CBD can do for you?

Instructions for use and advice

It’s hard to determine what percentage you should start with. This is different in every human being. You can always ask us for advice info@cbdnewcare.nl

When people start using CBD they often choose the 5 or 10. Build this gently for the first few days from 3 x 2 drops to 3 x 3 drops.
If you do not feel any improvement after four weeks, a higher dose may be possible. Listen to your body when using it. You’ll feel the best way to do it yourself.

It is important to take the drops and distribute them over the day so in the morning and evening and 3 drops every time. (shaking before use)
Drop the CBD under the tongue with the pipe and let it soak for at least a minute. This gives the best result.
The CBD is available in 5, 10, 15, and 25 each strength with all the same quality of production. In our CBD oil there is always minimal of what is indicated on the bottle. So if you were to buy CBD oil 15, for example, you can be sure that the CBD content is at least 15. Unfortunately, many CBD sellers often find that untrue. Therefore, always pay attention to the quality marks.
Store the bottle in a dry cool place. It is important to shake the bottle properly before dripping.

CBD Oil is neither a medicine nor a substitute for it. You can ask your specialist/gp for advice.



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