What is CBD oil?

What is CBD oil?

Simply put, CBD oil is just oil, squeezed from the hemp plant. That’s not a pot plant that can get stoned or high, and that’s not possible from the CBD oil. CBD oil is then used purely, both internally and externally, we mainly sell CBD oil, but they are also processed in, for example, creams for external use.

Why is CBD oil so popular nowadays?

The product CBD oil is in itself very old, and its application is well known. However, it has been legally forbidden for some time to attach any health claim to it. The reason given for this is that it is mandatory to substantiate health claims with a lot of clinical research. And although CBD oil has been used for all sorts of purposes for centuries, there hasn’t been much, if not enough apparently, money and time invested in clinical testing to convince the established medical world of the usefulness of using CBD oil. Oddly enough, that hasn’t detracted from the popularity of CBD oil, we can almost speak to the contrary: CBD oil hasn’t been this popular before.

What can I do with CBD oil?

The applications of CBD oil are very extensive, we can list them for you. What we are not allowed to say again is what the supposed benefits of using CBD oil are. Based on pure CBD oil, you can use it like any other oil, namely to grease body parts. It can make the skin wonderfully soft and supple. In addition, there are many users who purchase CBD oil to make it calmer, and especially with tremor (vibrating) say they benefit from it. We recommend reading the user experiences for more information.

Can animals have CBD oil?
We are often asked if CBD oil is also good for animals, we understand that you ask yourself the question. It seems strange, but the effect of CBD oil is just the same in all mammals. That’s because the digestive system of mammals – which includes us humans – works in a certain way: we have in common that we all have an endo-cannabinoid system. This ensures that the substances from CBD oil that we benefit from are “seen” by the body as the body. And that ensures that the substances are absorbed very well, and can do their job.

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