Did you know that 24% of Dutch people over the age of 25 suffer from sleep problems? That does not include the age group of 18 to 24-year-olds. Research shows that by studying and/or starting a career, more and more burnout cases and stress are also identified. This is more than 3 million people in total. So an awful lot of people suffer from insomnia. However, there is something to be done: CBD oil for sleep problems. With this oil you bring the peace back into your body, and that has many advantages!

How does CBD oil work for sleep problems and what are the benefits?

The oil supports your body in finding a balance. The oil works on the endocannabinoid system, the system that transmits stimuli in our body, controls our immune system and provides the just mentioned balance.

In CBD oil for sleep problems there are many plant cannabinoids, which resemble body’s own cannabinoids. These cannabinoids provide more rest in the body while sleeping, which has a postive effect on your sleep. This translates during the day into: more energy, a better mood and better concentration. This will help you through the day much better and will improve your quality of life compared to the period before you used the oil.

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How do you take CBD oil for sleep problems?

There are several ways to take CBD oil for sleep problems. All CBD oil comes with a handy pipette, making dosing drops incredibly easy and you’re sure you’re not using too much.


One of the most well-known methods to administer CBD oil for sleep problems is to drip under the tongue. You take the pipette, drip the desired amount under the tongue and let it retract for 30 seconds. Tip: put a cloth on the chest so that no drops can end up on your clothes. The stains are quite tricky to remove.

Mixing with food

In addition to taking CBD oil directly for sleep problems, you can also choose to mix the oil with food. If you find the drip awkward, this is a great alternative. It does not affect the effect of the oil directly or mixed.

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CBD oil for sleep problems with us easy to order online

We of CBDnewcare.nl give the best quality for a good price. You can easily order CBD oil for sleep problems. On our webshop you will find a wide assortment in oil, this is chosen because everyone is different and has different preferences. The oil is delivered quickly, so you can enjoy a better night’s sleep and a better quality of life.

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